Book reopens the Vatican mystery about the crime in the Swiss Guard

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Rome (EFE) Pope declared that he had been the soldier “in a fit of madness.”

A book written by the Tornay family lawyer, Laura Sgrò, refutes this hasty sentence and reopens one of the greatest Vatican mysteries.

Sgrò, also a lawyer for the family of Emanuela Orlandi, the young Vatican citizen who disappeared in 1983, has just published “Sangue in Vaticano” (Ed. Rizzoli), in which she recounts that in 2019 Muguette Baudat, Cédric’s mother, contacted her in the umpteenth attempt to obtain answers and his investigation since then opens numerous questions and irregularities about how the investigations were carried out.

The role of Navarro Valls

Far from the various hypotheses that have been published over the years, such as possible homosexual relationships or love triangles, Sgrò explains in an interview with EFE: “What emerges from my investigation is that they were based on the statements that the then spokesman for Pope John Pablo II, the Spaniard Joaquín Navarro Valls, did that same night, a few hours after the tragedy. The Vatican Press Office presented Cédric to the world as a suicidal murderer without even having performed an autopsy.

The lawyer, also the protagonist of the defense of Francesca Chaouqui in the Vatican trial for the case known as Vatileaks2, assures that “they were not interested in the life of Cédric, nor did they investigate the life of Estermann and his wife. It is not even known what the couple did on the last day of their lives.”

Photograph of the lawyer Laura Sgrò (provided by herself). EFE/Laura Sgro

Tornay’s mother was immediately convinced that the story had been otherwise and repeatedly called for the reopening of the investigation, which the Vatican Court of Appeals has always rejected.

On December 13, 2019, Sgrò requested access to the complete file of the Vatican Tribunal, pointing out numerous “gaps” in the reconstruction of the events and the possibility of presenting “new evidence”.

two years of silence

After more than two years of silence, the Vatican Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, personally intervened to ask the Court to pay “special attention” to the request for access to the file. From that day, March 30, 2021, from the Vatican Justice there has only been silence.

«The crime scene was contaminated, there were more than twenty people at the scene without overalls, gloves or shoes. The autopsies were carried out with unjustified urgency, only in the presence of the Vatican experts; the calligraphic expertise on the supposed letter from Cédric that suggests an imprudent gesture was carried out on a photocopy and not on the original; a letter that, moreover, passed through a considerable number of hands before being delivered to Muguette Baudat, Cédric’s mother,” says Sgrò.

“Not to mention the complete lack of research on the lives of the Estermanns. Neither his family nor his friends were heard. In fact, according to the researchers, it appears that they were not related to anyone at all. I wonder: is it possible that the Commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guard and his wife – who worked at the Venezuelan Embassy – did not have social or work relations with anyone?”, he adds.

a confidential matter

The lawyer denounces that “this terrible matter” was the only one among the great cases that have involved the Vatican, such as the disappearance of Orlandi or the attack on John Paul II, which he wanted to handle alone, without delegating to the Italian authorities.

«This time, despite the presence of three murdered people and the evident inexperience of the Vatican investigators -because nothing like this had ever happened within the leonine walls-, it was decided to close the doors and deal with the matter confidentially from within. Why? What information should not leave the State?», the lawyer wonders.

Sgrò recounts in his book the doubts about the soldier’s handwritten letter both because of the handwriting and the tone, which his mother does not recognize, but also about the loss of the crime scene photographs and an autopsy carried out in the Vatican without the measures necessary for this type of examination.

«I sent a copy of my book with a personal note to both the Holy Father and the Secretary of State. I sincerely await an answer », he points out.

For Sgrò, his work has only one objective: «Cédric Tornay’s family wants the truth. They want to know what really happened that damn night. And in this search for the truth, they have asked me for help.

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