Giuseppa Pinuccia Macheda, the girlfriend Stefano Casiraghi abandoned to marry Princess Carolina of Monaco

Giuseppa Pinuccia Macheda, the girlfriend Stefano Casiraghi abandoned to marry Princess Carolina of Monaco
Giuseppa Pinuccia Macheda, the girlfriend Stefano Casiraghi abandoned to marry Princess Carolina of Monaco

Long before the term ghosting was invented, Stefano Casiraghi disappeared from his girlfriend’s life,
Giuseppa “Pinuccia” Macheda, without giving explanations. Pinuccia did not have to wait long to discover that the reason her partner stood her up in Porto Rotondo had a name, surname and principality: Carolina de Monaco.

The official story states that
Caroline of Monaco and Stefano Casiraghi They met for the first time on a Mediterranean cruise and fell in love at first sight. The unofficial told her
Pinuccia and confirms that the passion they felt for each other caused collateral damage in the form of lovers abandoned to their fate.

Robertino Rosellini, the person responsible for presenting
Caroline and Stefano, was also at that time the boyfriend of the Monaco. He was replaced ruthlessly and in record time (despite the fact that for a long time his name was considered as a safe bet to take the place of Carolina’s second husband).

Pinuccia Macheda had no better luck. The young Italian woman who claimed to be Casiraghi’s girlfriend was summoned to a summer vacation on the Mediterranean island of
Porto Rotondo, in which her boyfriend epnas saw her four times. This happened in August 1983. In December of that same year the commitment between
Casiraghi and Caroline became official 10 days before the civil wedding that made them the most glamorous (and pregnant) couple of the 80s.

Pinuccia revealed to the media that she was present when the first meeting between the princess and the millionaire took place: it happened at a party in Monteacarlo in 1982 and from the first minute Pinuccia’s sister
Albert II of Monaco he did not hesitate to flirt with the Italian.

As soon as the new royal couple made their relationship official, the young woman from Milan appeared in the international media telling her sad story: that of a woman ignored by the man who had even given her a car for her birthday the same year in which he abandonment. Her face appeared in
People and his testimony in numerous headlines of the gossip press.

While the press had remained clueless in that summer of love in 1983 to the spurned
Pinuccia it became clear to her in September who had replaced her in Stefano’s heart: she surprised
Caroline of Monaco with her partner on September 6 at the Italian’s house.

Pinuccia Macheda, claimed to be Stefano’s partner since 1978. She had fallen in love with him when she was 19 years old. But the most painful thing about her testimony was the circumstances of her breakup: he claimed that the same year he ended up married to Monaco he had asked her to marry him.

According to Pinuccia, in 1983 her boyfriend organized a big birthday party in Milan in which her own marriage proposal took place. “As I have always done since we met,
Stefano He behaved admirably with me and even had the detail of telling me that, if it seemed good to me, we could get married before the end of this year 1983, “said the young woman in one of the interviews.

Pinuccia, in order to spend the summer with Stefano, convinced her parents to spend the summer holidays on the same island where Carolina was. Bad idea. «Stefano and I could not see each other until the day
August 24. He had already been with Carolina, although I didn’t know. I told him that he had a feeling that our thing was going to end, “explained the abandoned girlfriend.

Confirmation of his suspicions would arrive in September. Without warning, she showed up at the house that Stefano Casiraghi’s family had on Lake Como, only to verify that, indeed, his boyfriend was at home, but with
Caroline of Monaco.

“I greeted Stefano and left quickly because I understood that my presence there was not opportune.” For the young woman from Milan, the relationship was officially broken and she decided that she would never go back to him. But Stefano neither met with her again nor gave her an explanation. What did reach the covers of the magazines were the images of Carolina and Stefano traveling the world together and in love.


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But there must have been something about the Stefano-Carolina couple that made even the exes respect their decision to be together.
Robertino Rossellini he took his bad luck in love with fair play and remained a good friend of Caroline of Monaco becoming her official fanboy. He even accompanied her during her Jamaican retreat when the princess mourned the unexpected death of
Stefano Casiraghi.

Pinuccia made it a little more difficult by exposing her lack of love in the media for a very brief season, but she disappeared from the map after her minute of glory and declaring that she understood that her ex had left her for Carolina: «I forgive him because he is in his
perfect right to love to the woman you want.

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