KinnPorsche: Build apologizes for offensive posts, will not attend final episode event | what happened to Jakapan Puttha, Thai BL | Asian culture

KinnPorsche: Build apologizes for offensive posts, will not attend final episode event | what happened to Jakapan Puttha, Thai BL | Asian culture
KinnPorsche: Build apologizes for offensive posts, will not attend final episode event | what happened to Jakapan Puttha, Thai BL | Asian culture

On July 4, the actor Build Jakapan He apologized publicly for the second time after revealing past posts on social media. The star of the Thai BL series “KinnPorsche” also announced indefinite hiatus. His artistic activities are suspended until further notice from the Be on Cloud agency.

“KinnPorsche” is the most popular BL series at the moment and its final episode will premiere on Saturday, July 9. The cast was scheduled to meet in a live broadcast to see the outcome at the same time as the fans. As a result of the controversy surrounding Build (actor who plays Pete), the 28-year-old artist will no longer attend the event.

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Build is no longer featured in the KinnPorsche endgame event. Photo: Be on Cloud

What happened to KinnPorsche’s Build?

At the end of June, some social media posts that he had made came to light Build years ago. One of them tried to justify sexual harassment by the type of clothes women wear. This publication dates from 2014 (conversion of the Buddhist calendar used in Thailand).

What happened to Build of the BL KinnPorsche? Capture translated by BibleBuild Latin America. Photo: BibleBuildLatam

On June 30, Build issued a first message on networks admitting authorship of the posts and apologized for it. The actor expressed that his opinion on the matter had changed to the present and promised to be careful in the future.

Build hiatus

On July 4, the agency Be on Cloud He shared his official position in Thai and English given KinnPorsche’s large international audience. “After becoming aware of the situation, we immediately contacted the artist to talk, because these issues are of social importance,” the statement said.

“He has already been reprimanded and educated about what happened and Build regrets what he did in the past. He has decided to suspend all activities of his and reflect on his actions,” they added.

Be on Cloud, Build agency, communicates hiatus of the actor. Photo: BoC

build apologizes

Through Twitter and Instagram, Build presented a handwritten letter in which he again apologizes to the public. This is the translation of the letter of the actor and musician Jakapan Puttha (from English by @moonaroundapo).

Build apologizes on social networks. Photo: Twitter

  • “I am very sorry and I apologize to everyone from my heart.”
  • Because of my actions in the past, due to my impetuousness, recklessness or whatever. Regarding sexual harassment, making jokes about rape or racism. As I have reflected on my own past, I think that was unacceptable. However, I admit that I have committed it.”
  • “I apologize to those I throw the wrong words at on social media, or behind their backs. I will try to apologize in person to those I have offended, and I want everyone to know that I am sorry.”
  • “I’m also disappointed in the past build that did that. I know that my apologies cannot be compared to people’s feelings, but I don’t know what I can do to compensate for my lack. If I have offended anyone else or if you want me to do something specific, please tell me freely. (…) I am going to correct those mistakes of the past and be a better person. For what I did in the past, I am very sorry.”

Fans of the interpreter of Bodyguard Pete in “KinnPorsche: The Series” have shown their support for the actor through the hashtag OurSunshineBuild , which has been a trend in Peru since the Build hiatus was announced.

KinnPorsche cast supports Build

The Instagram post posted by Build has been endorsed by Bible (Vegas in the series), Nodt, Tong and more KinnPorsche actors. They have “liked” their co-star’s letter.

Build on Instagram and the support of other actors. Photo: Capture

Tong specifically would have shared a tweet about the Build situation. The actor who plays Tankhun in KinnPorsche cited a message about growing up based on life experiences.

“The past made you who you are today, but don’t let that be an excuse to grow and move on to happiness. Life goes on even when it seems like it won’t,” the image reads.

Tong: Fans think it’s a message of support for Build. Photo: Twitter

Build activities canceled

Due to the hiatus, Build will not be in the reaction to the final episode of KinnPorsche; and a live broadcast of Vibie has also been cancelled. In the case of La Roche, this livestream has only been postponed. The agenda has been translated and spread by fanclubs of the Bible and Build actors.

Build and Bible agenda. Photo: BibleBuild Latam/Twitter

Secondly, no update on Build participation or absence at the start of the KinnPorsche World Tour, an event to be held on July 24 and 25 in Thailand.

Over the End by KinnPorsche

The gangster-themed series comes to an end after 14 episodes this Saturday, July 9 at 10:30 pm (Thailand time). KinnPorsche is broadcast on the iQIYI platform and the ending chapter will also be screened in a cinema in that country.

A large part of the cast will be present at this activity. Build will not attend due to the hiatus and the absence of jeff satur It’s due to your schedule.

These are the times for the premiere of the new chapter according to your country of residence.

  • See KinnPorsche Ep 14 in Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador: 10.30 am
  • See KinnPorsche Ep 14 in Costa Rica and Guatemala: 9.30 am
  • See KinnPorsche Ep 14 in Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela: 11.30 am
  • See KinnPorsche Ep 14 in Argentina and Brazil: 12.30 am
  • See KinnPorsche Ep 14 in Spain: 5.30 pm

Will Build be on the KinnPorsche world tour?

In the most recent live related to the world tour, Bible, Ta and Perth revealed the mystery of 888. In this broadcast, The Vegas actor took the opportunity to mention that his co-star is fine and that he is working for the presentations. This, added to the new poster of the event, aroused the suspicion that Biu will conclude his hiatus in time to participate from the beginning of the tour.

Build is one of the stars in Thai series KinnPorsche. Photo: BoC

Build on Instagram

You find Build on Instagram as ‘@buildurluve’. Currently, the musician also has 1.3 million followers.

Build was born on June 4, 1994. He currently plays Pete, Kinn’s main bodyguard at KinnPorsche. Photo:

Mile tests positive for COVID-19

Mile, co-star of the series, has tested positive for COVID-19. Be on Cloud announced the actor’s case on July 5, shortly after the live event with Bible, Ta and Perth.

Mile plays Kinn, the head of the main family in the Thai BL “KinnPorsche”. Photo: Be on Cloud

Live broadcast of “KinnPorsche World Tour”

Be on Cloud confirmed that the second date of the “KinnPorsche World Tour” event will have a live broadcast for international fans. This live stream scheduled for the July 25 requires prior payment but there will be subtitles in several languages.

“KinnPorsche”: live broadcast of the world tour. Photo: Be on cloud

Tickets will go on sale on July 8, 2022 at 10:00 am (Bangkok time) and the ticket price is 888 Thai baht. The conversion to Peruvian currency would be approximately 95 soles.

The pass can be purchased on the ThaiTicket page (LINK) and the broadcast will be on the TTM LIVE platform.

Jeff Satur and Gameplay fanmeeting postponed

A P’tit Bout D’Asie confirmed the postponement of the Jeff Satur and Gameplay fanmeeting in Paris due to the former’s health (he tested positive for COVID-19 on June 28). The event was scheduled for July 9, the same day as the end of “KinnPorsche”.

About the JeffGameplay fanmeeting. Photo: Twitter/@unptitboutdasie

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