Twitter Suspends ‘The Little Mermaid’ Deepfake Account

Twitter Suspends ‘The Little Mermaid’ Deepfake Account
Twitter Suspends ‘The Little Mermaid’ Deepfake Account

Twitter suspended a user who shared a modified clip from the movie trailer live action of The little Mermaid. In this sequence, the color of skin and hair as well as the facial features of Halle Bailey -actress chosen to play the protagonist Ariel in the film Disney– were changed through the use of artificial intelligence, sparking controversy on the social network.

The user identified as @vandalibm shared the video through his account Twitter at the beginning of the week after Disney revealed the trailer for his new movie as part of the D23Expo. When it quickly spread on the platform, thousands of users were outraged that someone was using AI to change Bailey’s appearance.

Twitter lights up for the controversy of The Little Mermaid

In your original post, “vandalibm” attached the modified video via Artificial intelligence which, according to what you mentioned, was created by a user identified as “TenGazillionIQ”. In addition, she wrote that this person “fixed” the trailer for The little Mermaid and that it could do the same with the full movie in just 24 hours when it comes out.

The outrage of thousands of users in Twitter reached its limit when the user pointed out that he was only sharing the video for educational purposes and that it did not have any racist connotation. “I’m just in awe of the high IQ friend you work with Artificial intelligence and the things he can do, and he wanted to show people his field of study.”he wrote in a following tweet.

Currently, the account “vandalibm” in Twitter is suspended and it is unknown if it is due to what he wrote about the trailer for The little Mermaid and the actress Halle Bailey or if it was for infringing the copyright of Disney by sharing a modified version of the trailer. Because he did not share this clip himself, the account of “TenGazillionIQ” was not banned.

The live action of The Little Mermaid and social networks

After Disney will publish the first official trailer of the live action film of The little Mermaid On September 10, a huge wave of comments, criticism and controversy began to emerge on social networks and forums. Internet. The racism in several of the posts became evident and the constant fights between users have not stopped since then.

By the way, Halle Baileyactress chosen to play Ariel and central axis of the controversy, he shared several clips of girls reacting positively to the trailer, thanking the fans who sent him these videos. “I have sobbed watching this, thank you. She is so sweet” either “People have been sending me these reactions all weekend and I’m really in awe. This means a lot to me” were some of Bailey’s comments.

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