Will Smith’s replacement leaked

Will Smith’s replacement leaked
Will Smith’s replacement leaked

Will Smith was going to be replaced in The Suicide Squad as Deadshot. Now, the DCU’s original plans with the substitution have been leaked.

Will Smith’s replacement in The Suicide Squad has been leaked. Thanks to concept artist David Levy, via Behance, it looks like Warner Bros. Pictures’ longstanding plans to replace the Deadshot character have been confirmed. The piece of concept art containing this new confirmation sees the DC Comics anti-hero hanging from the top of Jötunheim. Harley Quinn also appears reaching for him.

Taking a closer look at concept art for The Suicide Squad, he doesn’t seem to share any resemblance to Will Smith, despite clearly showing the Deadshot logo on his left shoulder. Not only is there the logo, but the suit itself is almost identical to the one he wore in the 2016 film Directed by David Yesterday. That’s where the character first debuted in the DC Universe.

What were the DCU’s original plans with Deadshot?

In an old interview with Screen Rant, The Suicide Squad producer Peter Safran, who now co-directs the DCU, revealed that Deadshot’s inclusion was debatedbut that James Gunn’s schedule for making the film meant they had to find a way forward without Will Smith.

“We had discussed it, but it was… I think the key to it was really more of a timing issue than anything else. We knew we had to start shooting in September because, frankly, we probably knew before anyone else that James Gunn was going to do Guardians of the Galaxy again. So it was very important that we start shooting when we did. And Will Smith was not available. That made it easier. What are you going to do? He was not available for The Suicide Squad. So it was also nice to help separate it from the first movie in a bigger way.”

When asked directly if Deadshot could have led the team instead of Bloodsport, Peter Safran replied: “Could have been. It was certainly an argument.” So that, there were plans to replace Will Smith in The Suicide Squad. However, they preferred to continue without the character.

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