James Cameron’s sequel will be one of the few Hollywood movies in 2022 approved in China

James Cameron He has been flirting for some time with the idea that ‘Avatar 2’ is a failure, going as far as to affirm that he has a plan to close the saga in the third installment in case that happens or that ‘the sense of water‘ it is “the worst deal in movie history“, implying that he will have to earn a bunch of money to be profitable. Well, the long-awaited sequel to ‘Avatar’ it just won its first big box office battle without having to be released yet.

Why is it so important

We have that first triumph for ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ with the confirmation that It will be released in China at the same time as in the rest of the world.. This wouldn’t have been big news just a couple of years ago, but right now it’s a milestone within the reach of few movies. For example, not a single Marvel Phase 4 adventure was seen in theaters in that country.

What exactly does this mean for ‘Avatar 2’? Much more money at the box office. Let’s take the data from the first installment as a reference: 202 million dollars during its first run in theaters and another 57 million more during its re-release in 2007. Chinese viewers really like Pandora And that’s very good news for both Cameron and Disney.

It’s also good news for China., since the income of cinemas in that country has fallen by 35% this year. This is partly due to the lack of a greater number of Hollywood productions, but the thing is that local titles have not been as sweeping as in previous years.

With everything, this does not guarantee that ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ will be a successespecially if it really has to become the third or fourth highest-grossing film in history to do so, but it does pave the way for James Cameron to be king of the world again.

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