‘Disenchanted’: Will there be a third film with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey? – Movie News

‘Disenchanted’: Will there be a third film with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey? – Movie News
‘Disenchanted’: Will there be a third film with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey? – Movie News

The wait is over and after 15 years Amy Adams returned to play the sweet Giselle in ‘Disenchanted’, now available on Disney Plus. Fans have begun to wonder if there will be a third movie and this is what we know.

After the success of Nice to meet you fans were left waiting for a second part and it took more than 10 years for the sequel to become a reality. Disenchanted premiered a few days ago on Disney Plus and both Amy Adams What Patrick Dempsey They returned to play the sweet couple and prove that “happily ever after” only works in fairy tales.

In this installment of Disney Plus, Adam Shankman shows us a Gisselle frustrated and tired of her life in the city, so she decides to leave New York to move to the suburbs of Monroeville, along with Robert and his daughter Morgan, who is now played by Gabriella Baldacchino. However, the complicated relationship between them will make the sweet princess resort to magic, unleashing chaos in Andalasia and the real world, becoming the villain of the story at times.

Many fans are interested in knowing more about Andalasia and her charming princess, so some have wondered if there will be a third installment. Sadly none of the creators have confirmed anything, but there is a chance that could happen. Some theories suggest that the story could focus on Gisselle and Morgan in an adult version, in which both seek to return to the animated world where the maiden came from, which surely reminds you of movies like Snow White either tangled.

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None of this is official, but the creators may announce a new movie at any time.. But if they take too long to do so, we may have to wait another decade to see the film made as it did with Nice to meet you of kevin lima. In addition, the cast may no longer be available for filming, especially now that Amy may return to man of steel 2 with Henry Cavill.


Maya Rudolph joined the cast of this installment.

Until that happens, you can enjoy both movies on Disney Plus, in which they appear James Marden and Idina Menzel. So make yourself comfortable because on the platform you can also find other titles such as Andor, Hocus Pocus 2, Black Panther Y pinocchio.

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