Planck Stars – A Japanese Idol Will Make Her N0p0r Debut

Planck Stars is a group of idols quite unusual in Japan, which has given them a lot of fame. She is not the type of normal idols with very cute members, doing some shows that stand out for being very radical and extreme. For this reason, it has been in certain controversies, as it was in the exit of one of its members calling “otakus disgusting”.

This time the group has launched a popularity contest on their

regarding its members, which the first place only wins a bicycle to ride and the last place will have to debut in a N0P0r movie.

Obviously, this contest must be a joke, the Planck Stars is well known for coming up with these crazy marketing campaigns, highlighting that they have already sold “legal marijuana” and “adult movies” to their fans. Things too far from reasoning, but that has given results.

It should be noted that among the members of this group Planck Stars there is a monkey and a dog, many wonder that if this one of these two peculiar members remains last, will it have JAV?. Well, everything will be known over time and as the fans react, but it is certainly something very crazy and funny.

Planck Stars

Planck Stars

-Planck Stars information:

Planck Stars is an idol group/band who made their debut on December 31, 2018. Their music is a very striking mixture of Rock and EDM, which both members and fans call themselves Warugaki. The December 31, 2021announced that they would be making their major label debut under WARUGAKI RECORDSdistributed by Columbia Records.

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