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On the second consecutive day of indefinite strike of carriers, roadblocks continue in various regions of the country. In Arequipa, heavy load drivers joined the protest and a long queue of trucks has formed at kilometer 48 where the Panamericana Sur and the penetration road to Ciudad Blanca join.

The number of vehicles that comply with this protest increased compared to the first day. However, the truckers have parked their units on the side of the road. In the aforementioned place, the transit of private cars is not being allowed. “We have been here for more than an hour, we are going to El Pedregal. The step is impossible”said a driver.

Also, in parallel, a group of farmers from Arequipa joined the protest measure and marched down the road. “We are asking for a fighting platform so that fertilizers can be bought immediately”they indicated.

What are the requirements of the carriers that comply with the strike?

  • Reduction in the price of fuel.
  • Obligation to link the transport cost structure for the determination of freight.
  • Load reserve.
  • Equal conditions in interprovincial transport.
  • The reform of the Superintendence of Land Transportation of People, Cargo and Merchandise (Sutran).
  • Other requests are related to the reimbursement of tolls and the return of 70% of the Selective Consumption Tax.

A group of at least 80 tourists, between nationals and foreigners, had to travel on buses of the Peruvian National Police (PNP) due to the strike that is also observed in Cusco.

The tourists were taken from the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport to the Historic Center. Agents made available a total of 4 buses to transport tourists arriving in the region.

“We are going to pick up tourists who want to move or return to the airport”, specified the PNP. As is known, several roads in Cusco were also blocked on the second day of the national strike.

PNP arranged 4 buses to transfer passengers. (Photo: Juan Sequeiros)

Peru is in mourning. Relatives of Ángel Torres, a firefighter who died in the accident at the Jorge Chávez airport, gave his statements after the loss of his loved one. The father revealed the last thing he talked to his son days before leaving suddenly, “Calm down dad, I always go to the provinces to give instructions to the fire company,” he declared. (Source: America TV)

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