For the second day, fishermen and transporters block roads | Happened in Peru

For the second day, fishermen and transporters block roads | Happened in Peru
For the second day, fishermen and transporters block roads | Happened in Peru

Happened in Peru | Piura | For the second day in a row, heavy cargo carriers and fishermen from Paita and Sechura blocked the roads to be heard by the competent authorities of the Executive and Legislative Powers.

Vehicular traffic continues to be interrupted in the province of Sechura since zero hours on Tuesday, November 22. The first picket is located in the El Mellizo drain, on the road that joins the districts of La Unión and Vice. In this place, even the movement of people was not allowed.

While in Paita, the protesters took to the streets at around 11 am. First they blocked the Miguel Grau oval that connects the upper part with the lower part of the city. Then they moved to the tollbooth of the Paita-Piura highway, preventing vehicular traffic for more than two hours, leaving passengers stranded.

At around 4 pm, the leaders were going to hold a meeting with the congressmen who are members of the Production Commission. This, to evaluate the suspension of law 31622 while the dialogue table is carried out to later modify three articles of the norm. As required by the fishermen, reported El

Ayacucho: acts of vandalism were recorded on the first day of agrarian strike

Members of different agricultural unions complied with the first day of the regional strike, demanding the purchase of urea and irrigation projects by the Executive. During the day there were acts of vandalism in the city.

Huamanga woke up with a roadblock and the main streets of the city. In the same way, pickets and demonstrations were witnessed that attempted against the integrity of the population that tried to transit with their vehicles, reported Jornada.

Junín: Carriers close alternate route to Lima and keep the central highway blocked

Happened in Peru | On the second day of the strike, heavy cargo carriers closed the alternate highway to Lima via Yauyos and kept the central highway blocked at the Stuart bridge in Jauja.

The main leaders of heavy transport detailed that they will maintain their protest measure until they enter into dialogue with the Executive Power so that their requests are met.

The carriers demand a reduction in the price of fuel and the restructuring of Sutran, and that a toll booth not be installed in Ticclio.

Meanwhile, the police explained that the passenger buses do not circulate, since several companies suspended the sale of tickets at the Huancayo terminals, the Huanca York Times reported.

Cusco: Despite “blows” the strike against the government lasted only half a day | Happened in Peru

The 48-hour strike called by different unions of workers, transporters, farmers and students only lasted half a day.

Although the main access roads to the city woke up blocked, and the demonstrators grabbed the carriers who did not comply with the strike with whips, they would lift the measure since they indicated that due to the high cost of living they are forced to continue working since they live from day to day. day, reported CuscoPost.

Arequipa: Second day of strike worries truckers who fear losing merchandise

Happened in Peru | On the second day of the strike by heavy cargo carriers in Arequipa, there have been no clashes and the blockade continues partially, allowing the circulation of smaller vehicles.

At kilometer 48, heavy-load vehicles with a large quantity of products such as fruits and vegetables were concentrated. Most of the perishable products came from the Tambo Valley, in Islay (Arequipa).

Some drivers asked their leaders to at least be allowed to enter the city in small groups, to avoid losing their merchandise.

In addition, the Terrestrial Terminal continues without selling tickets to Lima and other regions. While there are tankers with fuel that cannot enter the city, to supply the taps. They warned of LPG shortages in the coming days, reported El Búho.

Puno: The governor of Puno ignored Maricarmen Alva’s summons

The regional governor of Puno, Germán Alejo, who was summoned to attend a meeting with the Foreign Relations commission chaired by María del Carmen Alva, ignored the call and said that she continues to live as in the colony.

The commission summoned him to explain what happened during the arrival of the former president of Bolivia Evo Morales in Puno when he was received with honors and expressed the desire to belong to the Runasur initiative.

Not only that, but he added that the Puno region will host the Runasur event and indicated that congresswoman María del Carmen Alva should soak up the Andean worldview. He also criticized the derogatory poses of the legislator, reported El

Ica: New regional governor rejects unjustified delays in works on the “Ica River”

The newly elected regional governor, Rocky Hurtado, issued a statement in order to show his concern about the lack of prevention in the work of the “Ica River”. Likewise, he has rejected the unjustified delays of the current Regional Government.

He explained that the five sections that comprise the entire work lack actions to mitigate possible flooding, especially section three, which is more vulnerable and this endangers the entire population.

Following the statement, Governor Javier Gallegos came to supervise the work from where he assured that the work on the main section will end in December and there are guarantees against the next rainy period that will take place in the first quarter of 2023, reported La Lupa.

Loreto: Puinahua Board of Authorities Protects Oil Camp | Happened in Peru

The president of the Board of Authorities of Puinahua, Julio Sampaya, confirmed that residents of Brittany have decided to protect the facilities of the PETROTAL company to prevent operations from being paralyzed.

We are not going to allow more blockades or stoppages because the people live from day to day and the native leaders are freeloaders who live in Iquitos and have no needs, said Sampaya when indicating that they will confront the natives who try to reach the area reported ProyContra.

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