Piura / Gang headed by a woman steals S/ 40,000 in a Piura casino | EDITION

Piura / Gang headed by a woman steals S/ 40,000 in a Piura casino | EDITION
Piura / Gang headed by a woman steals S/ 40,000 in a Piura casino | EDITION

The assaults continue unstoppable in Piura. A gang of criminals, led by a woman, assaulted a casino in downtown piura and after handcuffing the administrator, guard, and workers, he raised more than 40,000 soles. The criminals also stripped fifteen clients of their belongings.

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The cinematographic assault on the Shangrila casino and slot machine, located at Avenida Loreto No. 574 in Piura, occurred at 5 in the morning on Wednesday, in circumstances that three false clients, including a woman, entered the premises at dawn, but after three hours they brought out their firearms and managed to overpower the watchman.

With the security man reduced, the woman, who led and ordered her two accomplices, made three more of her dangerous gang enter the casino, who beat and tied up the guard, the manager of the WGRV venue (53), in addition to the workers.

When they had reduced all the staff, a group of thugs went to the counting office, where the manager was, who was hit on the nose with a firearm in order to seize S/40,000 and three modern cell phones.

In addition, the criminals took time to strip an average of 15 clients of all their belongings, from whom they took their cell phones, wallets, watches, money and various valuables.

Just after 8 in the morning, the employees managed to untie themselves and call the Police, who immediately arrived at the scene.

Likewise, personnel from the robbery section of the Criminal Investigation Division (Divincri) and the Criminalistics Office (Oficri) appeared at the casino to initiate inquiries and collect traces left by this gang of criminals.

Likewise, the Police analyze the images from the security cameras that are inside and outside the casino and slot machines, to identify and capture the six members of the gang.

In addition, the Police have also requested the images from the security cameras of the hotel, pharmacies and other commercial premises that are located around the assaulted casino.

It was learned that the criminals would have fled on motorcycles that were outside the Shangrila casino.

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