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Piura / Piura: Tourism loses one million soles a day due to transportation strike | EDITION

Piura / Piura: Tourism loses one million soles a day due to transportation strike | EDITION
Piura / Piura: Tourism loses one million soles a day due to transportation strike | EDITION

Almost one million soles per day has been losing our Piura region in the sector sightseeingas registered by the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade, due to the indefinite strike that carriers have been complying with at the national level.

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This is because, as some bus transport companies have announced, they have decided to suspend passenger departures from Lima to the north of the country, which has been considerably affecting this northern part of the country.

In this regard, the head of the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade of Piura, Carlos Mego Flores, pointed out that our Piura region is the most affected by this radical measure by carriers.

“In the tourism sector and as a result of the pandemic, we are in a process of reactivation and beginning to promote domestic tourism, which is our forte, since 70% is national tourism, although before it was more international tourism,” he said. the owner of the Dircetur.

But now, he said that, with the strike of the carriers, they will be affected tremendously, since they would start with the theme of summer, such as the beaches, as far as citizens of Lima, Arequipa, La Libertad, Lambayeque and other places go for the season. of heat. “We are very concerned about this situation because Piura was in the first places of the tourist reactivation,” said Mego Flores.

The official explained that there are more than a thousand tourists that our region stops receiving.

“Among those affected are the beaches. Also now there is the new profile of adventure tourism that we have in Canchaque. Also, the lagoons of the Huaringas (Huancabamba) in the esoteric theme. At the same time, the religious tourism that continues to come to Ayabaca to see the Captive Lord, among other tourist destinations that are being affected. They are also losing hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, handicrafts, ceramics, taxis, motorcycle taxis and a whole chain of jobs generated by tourism,” said the official.

It is worth mentioning that bus transport companies such as Oltursa, Ittsa and others, reported that they suspended their departures from Lima to the north such as Piura, Sullana, Talara, Los Órganos, Máncora and Tumbes. While tickets already purchased may be rescheduled. This in order, as reported, to safeguard the safety of passengers and bus staff.

Regarding the restrictions on the beaches of this area that the Regional Health Directorate (Diresa) of Piura has requested due to the outbreak of avian influenza in pelicans, Mego said that it would be another blow to the tourism sector.

“It is more for the issue of prevention as it was (also) as a result of COVID-19. All sectors are concerned that no other type of disease returns and this thing about birds is worrying. We are precisely going to meet with Senasa to make a prevention plan for this disease,” Mego emphasized in the daily Correo.

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