Ayacucho: Man ended the life of his co-worker after throwing a gas ball at him

Ayacucho: Man ended the life of his co-worker after throwing a gas ball at him
Ayacucho: Man ended the life of his co-worker after throwing a gas ball at him

Ayacucho: Kill your partner with a gas balloon. (ATVs)

A brutal crime. A man caused the death of his co-worker, after hitting him in the head by throwing a gas balloon at him repeatedly. The terrible event occurred in the Covadonga Human Settlement, in Huamanga, region of Ayacucho.

The business’s security cameras captured the hair-raising moments when Rafael Vilcatoma Arone (20) and his partner Abraham Lucano Huarcaya (41) were counting the gas cylinders, until suddenly the executioner took advantage of the slightest distraction of his victim to cause the brutal attack.

After culminating in the unusual event, the aggressor rubbed his hands together and left the scene as normal.

In record time, the National Police managed to capture this subject, who had hidden under the steps of a staircase inside his home. What was worrying for the security forces was that, as they were able to verify, Vilcatoma He is in charge of taking care of his two underage sisters, since they do not live with their parents.

The victim’s relatives went to the morgue; however, they were still shocked by what had happened and even at the time of carrying out the preliminary proceedings they had to leave the place due to the magnitude of the fateful event.

The Criminal Investigation Department of the pnp commented that, when questioning the murderer, he revealed that he committed the crime because the diabolical doll from the well-known movie ‘Chucky’ possessed it.

As it turned out, from the Public ministry The possibility of requesting the Power of attorney the precautionary measure of preventive detention or in any case the detainee is submitted to the process of early termination.

At another point in the Ayacucho region, a heavy-duty truck that was going too fast got off the track, leaving a large amount of fruit that was being transported by the vehicle scattered.

Residents of the area verified the state of health of the driver and seeing that he had been unharmed, they took all the merchandise they found in their path.

Hours later, a truck arrived to carry out the transshipment of the little merchandise that was scattered on the floor; Fortunately, there were no injuries, fatalities or a collision with a vehicle in the area.


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