How to unlock the Artificial Island and build your home

version 1.5 of Tower of Fantasy has added lots of content to the video game all over the world. Among other things, one of the most relevant inclusions is the new area of ​​the Artificial Islanda part of the map where players can develop our own home and customize it to our liking thanks to a system of housing.

If you want to know everything about this content, from what requirements do you need to unlock the new island, until how to start creating your basekeep reading this entry of our guide because you will we explain everything below.

How to unlock the Artificial Island and travel to it?

To be able to travel to the Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy, the first thing you need in your game is meet the following requirements:

  • Reach level 55 of nomad
  • progress in the Vera’s story (unlocks from Level 14).
  • Complete the main story up to Chapter 2.

When you have achieved these requirements mentioned a new teleport point will be unlocked special at the Banges Pier (just the one we pointed out in the image above). This waypoint should appear by itself on the map view, but just in case, be sure to access the gift icon menuand then enter the “Special Operation” section and in the list on the left of the screen click on “Artificial island”.

Here you can see a “Kaleido’s Invitation”. You just have to accept said invitation and then hit “Go” to follow up on a new mission that takes you to the Banges Pierwhere is the new travel icon called “Artificial Island Airship” next to the character Kaleido. This is the teleport that you must use to travel to the new Artificial Island for the first time. Now it will be unlocked in your game!

How to build your base?

When you already have access to the Artificial Island in your Tower of Fantasy game you can start build your own base and enjoy the housing system fulfilling one of these two requirements:

  • reach the level 60 of nomad
  • reach the 50% scan progress of the Artificial Island (840 exploration points).
Tower of Fantasy - Men

Once these two requirements are completed unlock the “Build” menu from which you have access to all customizable buildings of the Artificial Island. Each building can be upgraded in exchange for certain special materials, and you should keep in mind that their upgrades they take real time to be carried out, so the construction of your Artificial Island is progressive and must be done on successive days. That is to say, you are not going to have everything unlocked from the beginning, but that is the grace of this system.

Remember that the most important building of the Artificial Island is the so-called “Command Center”is the one you should prioritize improving in the first instance since the level of this building limits the maximum level to which you can climb the rest of the buildings on the island.

building levels

Tower of Fantasy - Upgrade the base of the Artificial Island and its buildings

The buildings of the Artificial Island reward with resources every hour (up to a maximum of 24 hours of accumulation), and these rewards can be accumulated up to a certain maximum depending on the level that each building has; the higher level you are, the more materials per hour you generate.

Buildings can be upgraded up to a maximum of level 9. These are the resources they generate according to their level:

  • At level 1: generates 4 materials per hour (maximum of 96 in a day).
  • At level 2: generates 8 materials per hour (maximum of 192 in a day).
  • At level 3: generates 12 materials per hour (maximum of 288 in a day).
  • At level 4: generates 15 materials per hour (maximum of 360 in a day).
  • At level 5: generates 17 materials per hour (maximum of 408 in a day).
  • At level 6: generates 19 materials per hour (maximum of 456 in a day).
  • At level 7: generates 21 materials per hour (maximum of 594 in one day).
  • At level 8: generates 23 materials per hour (maximum of 552 in one day).
  • At level 9: generates 25 materials per hour (maximum of 600 in a day).

Where to get housing system materials?

All the resources and materials you need to farm to upgrade the buildings on your Artificial Island they can be obtained in the area of ​​​​the Artificial Island. The enemies and bosses that are in this area will drop the materials when they are defeated and, of course, the higher the level of the same, the better and more substantial their rewards will be.

So that be easier for you obtain materials from the Artificial Island, here below we share a image with a recommended farming route to obtain resources from the housing system (map credits are from

Tower of Fantasy - Farm Route

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