Russian rapper Ivan Petunin committed suicide so as not to go to war in Ukraine: “I have no right to pull the trigger”

Russian rapper Ivan Petunin committed suicide so as not to go to war in Ukraine: “I have no right to pull the trigger”
Russian rapper Ivan Petunin committed suicide so as not to go to war in Ukraine: “I have no right to pull the trigger”

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues to have losses, but this time in the music industry. In the last few hours, the Russian rapper Ivan Petunin He committed suicide so as not to go to war. Before making this decision, the 27-year-old artist filmed himself and uploaded the video of him on social networks.

“If you are watching this video, then I am no longer alive. I can’t take the sin of murder on my soul and I don’t want to. I am not ready to kill for any ideal,” he was heard saying. “It seems to me that, in the coming days, the partial mobilization will turn into a total mobilization,” he continued, alluding to the fact that the authorities of his country called up a million men to reinforce their troops in Ukraine.

“I have two arms, two legs, an index finger to pull the trigger of a machine gun. I have no right to pull the trigger. I am not willing to take up arms and kill my own. Forgive me all those who love me, but sometimes your principles have to die. And the last one anyway,” he added. Ivan Petunin.

After posting his video of just over a minute, local media confirmed that the Russian rapper was found dead in Krasnodar.

Ivan Petunin was better known as Walkie, was born in 1995 and developed as rapper. She started in the world of improvisation and in 2018 she released her first album ‘Psíquico’.

Artists react to the war between Russia and Ukraine

Russia’s “military operation” over kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has sounded alarm bells around the world. Artists of different nationalities have turned to their social networks, where they have millions of followers, to express their discontent with the current situation. Such is the case of actor Mark Ruffalo or writer Stephen King, among others.

Safe Santiago

The Spaniard, director of the “Torrente” saga, expressed himself through an extensive message on Instagram, and referred to the inconsistency of the human being who, despite his great scientific advances, continues to engage in wars.

Mark Ruffalo

The actor who brought the Hulk to life in the Marvel Studios movies avoided supporting one position or another, instead expressing his concern for innocent people who end up caught in the middle of an armed conflict.

Stephen King

The acclaimed horror writer made his point public, through an analogy. For him, the world should not stand idly by in the face of the attack perpetrated by Russia.

Rose Montero

The Spanish writer also turned to the networks to make a very sensible request: not add fuel to the fire with disinformation, one of the great problems of the digital age.


I understood that reference

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